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Here at ALS FORCE we are dedicated to helping people with ALS in finding financial support, information and treatment resources on how to fight this disease.  If you have recently been diagnosed with ALS, have had ALS for a while, or are seeking new information, ALS FORCE can help. 

ALS FORCE knows first-hand the struggles and hardships an ALS patient faces while trying to deal with this relentless disease.  While dealing with ALS, the founder of ALS FORCE discovered that there are many complimentary medical resources available to improve the quality and length of life in ALS patients.  One of the major challenges he faced was funding these treatments.  Thus, he decided to form the foundation to fund ALS patients in pursuit of their course of action.  Additionally, the foundation collects data on the results people with ALS are having while trying their different treatment approaches. 

While major ongoing scientific research is essential, action has to be taken for the people fighting ALS now.  While hoping for future major breakthroughs, it may be too late for people who are currently fighting ALS.  In reality, ALS patients trying innovative approaches may be responsible for a major breakthrough.  ALS FORCE salutes the courageous, encourages informed innovation and ascribes to Winston Churchill’s famous quote “Never, never, never give up.”

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